McLaughlin Body Company
engineers bring expertise to ROPS
committees of both the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and
the American Society of
Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE).

Items governed by "ISO/9001 8.3 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES" applies only to Engineering located at Moline Facility.

Product / Tactical Engineering

Expertise in design, tooling, manufacturing, weld and quality engineering contribute to smooth fabrication processes and safe, effective operator-controlled work vehicles.

Best-in-Class Strategy. The McLaughlin Body Company engineering pool encompasses two major sets of professional disciplines:

Product Engineering Group

  • Product Engineers
  • Design Engineers (Moline Only)
  • Tooling Engineers (Moline Only)

Tactical Engineering Group

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers
  • Weld and Finishing Engineers
  • Quality Engineers

McLaughlin Body Company Product Engineering is divided into three project teams -each team consisting of approximately five engineers and an account manager. Support is added from product-dedicated quality representatives, new product buyers and manufacturing specialists. Resources such as skilled trades, tooling services and weld engineering are shared between the teams.

We provide the talent, experience and technology needed to engineer your product, with latest-version design software including:

  • Pro/ENGINEER® (previous versions also maintained to support customer formats)
  • Pro/INTRALINK® data management
  • Pro/PROCESS for assemblies/industrial engineering
  • Pro/MECHANICA® for FEA analysis
  • Ability to import neutral formats including IGES, STEP, DXF

McLaughlin Body Company Tactical Engineering employs technology that encompasses:

  • Automation
    • Vision systems automated inspection
    • Flexible weld cells
    • Powder coat paint
  • Advanced Welding
    • Robotic welding / adaptive pulse welders
    • AWS and military specifications
    • Superior weld procedures and highly trained welders

This broad base of knowledge, experience, design sense and technical skill - in partnership with your team - leads to great ideas, smooth processes and effective products.

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Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/INTRALINK and Pro/MECHANICA are registered trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation.

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