Industries / Markets

Industries / Markets

Industries / Markets

McLaughlin Body Company's OEM partners assemble vehicles for the construction, military, agriculture, heavy-duty truck and other markets worldwide.

Cabs, ROPS ... and much more.

Our customers represent a cross-section of leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. They are the source of our credentials in complex, highly engineered fabrications and expansion into related products beyond the cab.

We partner with companies who market vehicles and equipment worldwide, providing products and technologies that can meet country-specific requirements.

Construction Equipment

Toughness is key in construction. McLaughlin Body Company specializes in durability and structural expertise, producing cabs for rubber-tired machines as well as heavy-duty tracked equipment. Our stamping abilities and multi-axis lasers are useful in producing components typically outsourced or imported by other manufacturers.

McLaughlin Body Company's engineering group is represented on industry operator protection technical committees, with important background in ROPS, TOPS and FOPS requirements.

Military Vehicles

Since WWI, we've been serving the military as both a prime and sub-contractor. We've built over 50,000 cabs for the US Army and are familiar with the need to ramp up for critical situations.

Our finishing processes conform to the requirements of TT-C-490E in zinc phosphate pretreatment, e-coat and CARC application - and have met 22-year service life requirement for tactical vehicles.

Other capabilities include camouflage painting and FMTV frame rails, bumper assemblies, lift systems and cargo trailers.

McLaughlin Body Company is small business-certified, CAGE Code-established, central contractor-registered and our trading partner identification is in place. We have in-plant DCAS availability for GSI signoff and are an experienced supplier and shipper of spares direct to depots.

Agricultural Equipment

As a long-time producer of cabs for tractors, harvesters and sprayers - McLaughlin Body Company built the first John Deere combine cab in 1959 - we know our way around ROPS standards including SAE, ISO, ASAE, OECD and EEC, as well as European road homologation.

Expanded capabilities in the agricultural market include machine components and attachments other than cabs - such as cab supports, platforms, landings, front end equipment for harvesting machines and buckets for loaders.

Heavy-Duty Trucks

"Abusive environment" vehicles such as refuse trucks, front-discharge concrete mixers and front-mounted cranes call for durable fabrication and complex weldments. We are skilled in MIG welding, riveting, bonding and resistance welding of cab structures. McLaughlin Body Company is an experienced supplier of steel, stainless steel and aluminum cabs and sleeper boxes for over-the-road trucks as well.

Other Markets

Current and past applications extend to experience with the protective requirements of forestry, around-the-clock mining and large-scale turf care markets. Municipal/civic vehicle component production includes protective environments for street sweepers, refuse packers, fire and medical equipment.

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