McLaughlin Body Company’s partnerships and alliances encompass quality planning, commitment to competitive costs, service, and value-added results.

Customer Focus
Customer Focus

A Value Proposition. Our customers know they can depend on McLaughlin Body Company for our focused attention, superb quality, fair pricing, and value-added results.

The value is not found in the one-time project alone, but in the integrated value stream of a long-term collaborative relationship – introducing new technologies, continuous improvement, and innovative solutions.

When you choose McLaughlin Body Company, you’ve selected an industry leader. That means that we’ve proven through customer partnerships, supplier alliances, and time-to-market considerations that our products benefit. We think that’s the only way to stay in business.

McLaughlin Body Company will apply a wide variety of quality tools to ensure that our products meet your specifications and expectations.

Quality Planning

  • Survey and review the current product (if any) with OEM
  • Identify any current issues
  • Document each issue and implement actions for development of tooling and/or product revisions
  • Identify key product features and establish control plans to assure conformance to expectations
  • Discuss and document product appearance expectations

Additional Services

  • JIT delivery to line set
  • Service parts program, including spec packaging and distribution
  • Field service support for product-specific issues and troubleshooting
  • Warranty support and standard warranty flow-down

Commitment to Competitive Cost

  • Process flow diagrams
  • EASE / MTM analysis of cab weld and assembly
  • Long Term Customer Agreements with quarterly pricing updates