Power Coating

McLaughlin Body Co. is a manufacturing company offering top-quality finishing services, such as protective and decorative coating applications. These services are achieved in our in-house facility, where we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative solutions that will improve our customer’s bottom line.

We strive to provide a durable finished product that will last long. Fortunately, we can produce these outcomes with the proper high-performance coating application. Whether you need an e-coating or powder-coating service for your products, we’re ready to work on it while following your specifications and project requirements.

Coating Application Services We Offer

Coating applications are always the last step of the manufacturing process. These finishes give products their desired look and the protection they need. We offer multiple solutions to achieve this, depending on our customer’s needs.

Our facility is equipped with advanced automated processes for applying different types of coatings, such as e-coatings, powder coating, and automated spray lines. Our experienced technicians accurately control these processes so that we can produce outcomes that are second to none.

Our coating services are as follows:


E-coating is a process that’s a cross between painting and plating. It’s also known as the electrophoretic deposition painting process or EPD. Here, the metal part is immersed in a water-based solution with paint emulsion. Afterward, an electric current is sent to the metal part, which causes the paint to condense and form over the material.

What makes it unique is that this process can easily coat the inside and outside of the material. One of its main benefits is protecting the coated part against corrosion. With that said, it’s being used in a wide array of applications.

Our E-coat systems are capable of products up to 9’ Long X 7’ Tall X 6/5’ wide windows with multi-stage pretreatment to E-Coat and Powder Coat your product needs.

Some of the coating materials include:

  • Thick Film
  • Polyamide
  • Enamel And Epoxy
  • Micro Zinc Phosphate And Zinc
  • Urethane And Polyurea

Electrostatic Powder Coating

We also specialize in powder coating services, where the powder coat or granules are electrostatically charged while spraying with air and attracted to the component as a powder cloud. Afterward, the layer melts once the element is heated, then a closed coating is formed after the cooling process.

Being an economical coating process, it’s naturally environmentally friendly. Another benefit is that different powder coatings can fulfill specific applications and specifications but will also highly depend on the coated substrate.

Numerous benefits of powder coating:

  • Reduce chipping
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Prevent wear issues
  • Avoid corrosion
  • Fade Resistant
  • Incredibly durable

Three Different Paint System Sizes:
Large Paint system (non-ecoat): 36’ X 8’ X 8’
Main Paint system (Ecoat) 9” X 7” X 6.5” and 6’6” W x 7’ H x 7’6” L

Automated Spray Lines

One of the most commonly used coating techniques is spray coating, which can be done automatically using spray coaters. Since there are numerous products where spray coating is employed, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most sought-after services.

Our automated spray line efficiently applies protective coatings, finishes, and other types of treatments to products. The process is easy to manage and can reduce lead times, so your products are ready when needed.

Why choose spray coating?

  • Superior and consistent quality finishes
  • Flexible process
  • Efficient and productive transfer
  • Constant innovation

Many industries employ our e-coating, powder coating, and automated spray coating applications. These include automotive, appliance, and electronics, to name a few.

Trust Us to Give Your Products High-Quality Finishes

McLaughlin Body Co. is dedicated to providing the best finishing services for our customers. Our experienced technical staff will work with you every step of the way so that your product looks great and meets all requirements.

Contact us today if you have any concerns or questions about our services. Request a quote for larger projects, and we can work on a solution that won’t break the bank. Rest assured that we can work according to your budget without sacrificing the integrity of your products. Get ready to give your product a fresh, protective finish with McLaughlin Body Co.!

E-Coating, Powder Coating, and Overhead Spray Capabilities

Application Process

Automated Spray Lines
Electrodeposition (E-Coat)
Electrostatic Powder Coating


Micro Zinc Phosphate

Thick Film


Dry Film

Stainless Steel

Pre-Coating Preparation

Coating Removal
Immersion Washing

Spray Washing
Thermal Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Part Length

50 ft for Overhead Spray
9 ft for Powder and E-Coating

Part Width

10 ft for Overhead Spray
8 ft for Powder and E-Coating

Part Height

10 ft for Overhead Spray
7 ft for Powder and E-Coating

Part Diameter

7 ft for Powder and E-Coating
10 ft for Overhead Spray>

Part Weight

10,000 lbs for Overhead Spray
2,500 lbs for Powder and E-Coating

Coating Characteristics

Abrasion Resistant
Color Addition
Condensation Resistant

High Purity
High Temperature
Thermal Barrier
Thermal Protection

Additional Services Provided


Lab Trials

Intended Applications

Decorative and Protective Coatings

Industry Focus

Construction Machinery


Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2015
Mil-Spec Compliant