McLaughlin Body Co. is a leading manufacturer of Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) and enclosures for numerous industries. One area we focus on is the ever-demanding Construction sector. We ensure that off-highway construction equipment can withstand harsh and stressful environments through our quality manufacturing capabilities that exceed expectations.

High-Performance ROPS & Enclosures for the Construction Industry

The construction sector is an ever-evolving industry that requires the utmost attention to detail. ROPS Cabs and enclosures designed for use in the extreme environments of construction sites must be exceptionally durable and reliable.

At McLaughlin Body Co., we recognize this need and build our Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) with the highest safety standards and uncompromising quality. From tractors to off-road vehicles, we design and manufacture solutions that can protect and perform.

Apart from ROPS Cabs and high-performance, high-technology enclosures, our capabilities allow us to work on various complex metal components and assemblies, such as rails, stairs, and platforms, to name a few, which are also present in the construction industry.

Our Exceptional Manufacturing Capabilities

We employ a mix of manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of Cabs, enclosures, components, and assemblies for the construction industry. All while ensuring that these structures meet or exceed safety regulations.

Our capabilities include:


MIG and TIG welding are two of the most commonly used welding processes in construction. Resistance welding is also ideal for constructing Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS). McLaughlin Body Co.’s three processes ensure we produce quality products that last, including:

  • MIG welding: Utilizes a solid wire that’s heated and fed into the weld pool from the welding gun. It’s ideal for large and thick materials.
  • TIG welding: This versatile process is common in the construction industry and employs a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create a weld.
  • Resistance welding: Also known as electric resistance welding, this process uses pressure and a strong electric current to join two metal components.

Powder coating

Our powder coating service ensures the surface’s durability and longevity while improving its wear resistance to protect it from consistent exposure to stressful and environmental settings. This finishing process is required in the construction industry because it adds extra protection. We have a wide range of coating materials to choose from, depending on the specifications and requirements of our customers.

Types of ROPS & Enclosures We Can Manufacture

We work closely with our customers to know more about their needs and what they want to ensure their satisfaction. We have manufactured a wide range of Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) and enclosures or cabs for different off-highway equipment in the construction industry, such as:

  • Dump trucks
  • Skid Steers
  • Bulldozers
  • Scrapers
  • Concrete mixer trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • ROPS with enclosed cabs
  • Four-post ROPS
  • Two-post ROPS
  • Buckets
  • Platforms

Delivering Secure Solutions for the Construction Sector

At McLaughlin Body Co., we have years of expertise and skills, with our roots going as far back as World War I. Body and enclosure manufacturing is in our system, and we have adapted to the latest technologies to deliver innovative outcomes.

If you have questions about our services and want to learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us today. Request a quote, and our team will create the best solution for your project and budget.