Working with OEM designs in providing complete design-build, McLaughlin Body Company’s deep engineering and project management experience leads to seamless integration.

Product Development

No Place for Amateurs. The vehicles you manufacture go to work in rugged environments and tough conditions. Your customers depend on you for quality, safety, and durability. And for certain elements of that, you depend on us.

McLaughlin Body Company Engineering & Development

The result you want is where we put our focus. We can work from your drawings and specifications or offer complete design-build services for your ROPS enclosures and other components. Our deep engineering and sheet metal fabrication experience, in-house tooling design and manufacture, and project management skills mean fast ramp-up. We can often suggest time- and money-saving enhancements to existing specs.

Rely on us to carry your project through engineering and development to seamless integration with your manufacturing process and scheduling. Professionally.

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